Tuesday, June 22, 2010


*spoiler alert: if you have not read the hunger games and catching fire and intend to, you may not want to this post. although, in all honesty, i don't give many details on the book so you could probably read on and be just fine. but i thought i'd add a warning just in case.

i think i'm team gale.

but i don't know. i'm as confused as kat. because when she is with peeta, i'm like "oh you should love peeta." but then when she thinks about gale and talks about him or whatever i say "oh you should love gale."

so i just don't know. but as of today, i am a gale fan. but part of me thinks she will end up with peeta just because he is a more prominant character. but then part of me thinks she'll end up with gale because if she was going to end up with peeta it would have happened by now, right? but then if she does end up with gale, the author is going to need to introduce a new love interest for peeta because you can't just leave a sweet, caring guy like peeta single, now can you? especially when there are peeta fans out there (like my dear friend kimberly). but that's just some of my thoughts. i don't know....

all i know is that i have analyzed this love triangle over and over again (seriously. it's a problem) and i have just gotta say props to the author for writing a book that isn't predictable. because i honestly have no idea what's gonna happen with these relationships. i guess i will just have to wait and see like the rest of the world.

watch her end up with nobody. now that would be unpredictable. not to mention a complete waste of my time analyzing the situation.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i did it.

i succumbed. (not entirely sure how to spell that word but you get the gist, right?)

i read the hunger games and catching fire.

i'm still twilight-free (!) but i went to the beach and asked for book donations before i left so i would have something to enjoy in the sand and my friend loaned me the hunger game series. so i read them...
and i can't lie--i did enjoy them. i'm not exactly sure how the author came up with such an...interesting (?) plot but it definitely has a way of captivating any reader. me included.

there. i said it.

now, my question to all my fellow hunger game readers out there is:
team peeta OR team gale????

you tell me what you think and then i'll share my opinion.
and if you haven't read the hunger games series yet then best of luck to you resisting. i tried. i really did. but alas, it was a fruitless effort.

(i maintain my resistance to the twilight series though)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i do not understand you.

when i was maybe ten years old, i was driving in a rental car with a cousin and a family friend who is known for his practical jokes. this rental car had a new feature: volume control on the steering wheel. my family friend decided this would be the perfect opportunity to tease my cousin in the back seat and he excitedly told nathan about the VOICE ACTIVATED volume.
"volume up." he would say and then sneakily turn it up while still driving.
"volume down." again sneakily changing the volume with the steering wheel controls.
my cousin sat in the back seat in complete and utter disbelief. this was too good to be true. how could a car really know what you were saying and adjust the volume accordingly??? he was truly amazed until we broke the news to him that there was no such thing as voice activated music. sorry. it was simply the grand invention of volume control on the steering wheel.

well, my friends, ten years later there is such a thing as voice activated music and cell phones and everything.

although, i must say, i am not a huge fan. maybe it's just because i have bad diction, but it seems that all these voice activated controls really stink at understanding what i'm saying.

for example, my friend has a car where you can hook up your ipod and then you have to talk to the car to tell the ipod what to play. you CANNOT use the ipod controls. now, while this may seem great in theory--fewer accidents because people aren't as distracted trying to navigate the car and the ipod at the same time--in reality, it was quite the pain. driving to the grocery store and back we tried, without success, to make the ipod play our favorite song. but the voice commander lady just kept saying "i do not understand you." really? really voice activation lady? isn't that kind of your job...to understand me and play the song i desperately NEED to hear whilst driving to the grocery store? now maybe it's just me, but i think that the voice activation lady not being able to understand me is just as much of a driving hazard as controlling the ipod manually. can you say road rage? okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but the fact that the lady couldn't understand me was quite frustrating and "frustrated driving amy" is probably more unsafe than "manually controlling ipod while driving amy."


i don't know. i guess i just think the whole voice activation idea is great in theory and truly an unbelievable concept (at least at age ten), but it has not been implemented so well, so far as i can see.

but like i said, maybe i just need to work on my annunciation.

Monday, June 7, 2010

letter assignment.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am an avid book reader. I love all different genres and I am always reading new things. I do not like reading what everyone else is reading though. For example, I have never opened Twilight or The Hunger Games. This has created a problem for me, however, because I have found myself opening books lately that I have to close just minutes later because of inappropriate content. Because I do not read the popular books, I am not able to consult with previous readers about the content of books. I do not think this should be necessarily, though. I think I should be able to read a book without discussing it first with a previous reader. One simple solution to this problem would be requiring book ratings, similar to movie ratings, for all books available in public libraries.
These ratings do not have to necessarily have age limitations like movie ratings. If they simply indicated levels of profanity, sexual content, violent content, etc. with level markings such as low, medium, and high, I believe this would make everyone’s library searches more enjoyable. They would also reduce the number of returned books for readers like me, or the occasional page ripping that accompanies my reading of inappropriate content.
I find it strange that ratings are required for movies and even video games, but books have somehow escaped the system. I think it is time that books received the same attention that other forms of media have. Reading books can have just as big of an impact, either positive or negative, on a reader as viewing a movie. For these reasons, I believe requiring book ratings is reasonable and should be implemented as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i love love.

"i don't know but i think i may be falling for you...dropping so quickly."

"just haven't met you yet..."

my friend once said there are two songs that can be used to describe all byu students. either "falling for you" (colbie caillat) or "just haven't met you yet" (michael buble). i can currently be described by the latter song. but two of my best friends can now be described using the first song. they're in love. and they made beautiful brides, don't you agree?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So my media hardware has been having some issues...and it has caused a lot of frustration on my part because I do not know how to deal with computer problems. This is when I wish those Staples' Easy buttons really existed. I would so invest in one if they did.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

shout out.

I would just like to give a shout out to cable TV because if it weren't for cable than I wouldn't be able to watch my beloved suns play the lakers tonight!